Which Diabetes Numbers to Watch

Know your numbers and know where you stand

With diabetes, you’re asked to know a lot of numbers. Knowing your numbers will help you and your doctor see where you are with your blood sugar.

3 Key Blood Sugar Tests

A1c What Measures average blood sugar levels over the past 2-3 months
When Usually done every 3-6 months
Why Tracks how your diabetes is being controlled over time
Goal <7% (for most non-pregnant adults); ask your doctor what your individual A1c goal should be
FPG Fasting Plasma Glucose What Measures amount of sugar in the blood after an overnight fast
When Usually in the morning before breakfast after not eating for at least 8 hours
Why Lets you find out if you’re on target for your blood sugar goals
Goal 80-130mg/dL for most adults; ask your doctor what your individual blood sugar level goal should be
PPG Postprandial Blood Glucose What Measures blood sugar levels after eating
When Test should be done 1-2 hours after beginning of the meal
Why Important because adding a medication that reduces PPG may help lower your A1C
Goal The ADA suggests a target goal of <180 mg/dL

Be sure to check with your healthcare provider, because your target goals may be different from the guidelines above. 

Why Keep Testing

These numbers are important because they let your healthcare team and you know how you’re doing, and what impact food, exercise, and your medications have on your blood sugar. Learn how to handle highs and lows.



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