How Diabetes Changes

It's not just you. It's your diabetes.

You're exercising, eating healthy, and following the diabetes game plan recommended by your healthcare team. And still, despite your best efforts, your blood sugar levels are not in target range.

The fact is– that even if you’re doing everything that you’re supposed to do, diabetes may change over time. It's kind of like when people need stronger glasses. It's not because they did something wrong; it might just be what their eyes now need.

What’s happening in your body?

Diabetes changes over time. In people with type 2 diabetes:

  • your body’s cells do not respond to insulin as well as they should
  • your body does not make as much insulin as it needs

This can cause you to have too much sugar in your blood even if you are following your treatment plan. This means your doctor may have to change your diet, your exercise plan, and/or medication in order to get your blood sugar under control.

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