Starting & Staying On Treatment

Making your treatment plan work for you

If only you could sit back, relax, and put your diabetes treatment plan on autopilot. As you may have already discovered, just when you think you've got your meal planning (diet), activity level (exercise) and medication routine down pat, your diabetes may change. Which means, over time, your overall diabetes treatment plan may also need to change.

As overwhelming as diabetes changes can sometimes feel, you’re not powerless. If your blood sugar is not on track, talk to your healthcare team. They may want you to adjust your routines related to meal planning, activity level, or consider adding other medications as they are needed. Making adjustments to your overall diabetes treatment plan—including starting a new medication or changing your current levels of medications—may just be what your body needs, another step to help control your diabetes.

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3 steps you can take to start and stay on track

  1. Understand your options
    When your healthcare provider recommends a change,
    learn about your medication options. It's important to ask questions if you have them, and remember to write down the answers! Then work together to make sure you have the right treatment plan.

  2. Get to know your medication
    If you start a new medicine and are not seeing results, don't stop taking it before speaking with your doctor. Talk to your doctor about making sure you are on the right dose. For some medicines, like insulin, your doctor may make a dose adjustment plan to help find the appropriate dose for you. This may take a few dose adjustments, called titration.

  3. Get a team behind you
    In taking on your diabetes, you may need assistance from a lot of different players. 
    Learn more about the roles of the different members of your healthcare team and how they can help. Don't forget, your friends and family are there to help, too. And with TeamingUp, you have resources, tools, tips, and recipes as well as Champions and Coaches on your team and on your side.

When it comes to your diabetes, being prepared can help. Work with your healthcare provider to create a new routine that works for you. You can do it!

6 tips for creating a medication routine

  1. Take your medication as prescribed by your doctor. For treatments that have to be taken at the same time each day, combine taking your medication with a daily activity like brushing your teeth or walking the dog

  2. Keep a "treatment calendar" with your medication and note each time you take a dose

  3. Set the alarm on your phone or computer to remind you

  4. Store your medicines in the same place so it is easy to get to them. Remember to keep medicines out of the reach of children and store according to the instructions

  5. Consider signing up for automatic refills so you're less likely to run out

  6. Ask your pharmacy to call or text you when your refills are ready


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"If you're feeling down about
having to start a new medication,
try writing down the positives"

—Mallory C., TeamingUp Coach

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