Meet Your TeamingUp Champions

TeamingUp Champions know the ropes

TeamingUp Champions have been living with diabetes. They know a thing or four about taking on the condition, dealing with ups and downs, and making life with diabetes work. So let them inspire you.


Positive Thinker &
TeamingUp Champion

"Never give up, and realize that no one can take away your dignity" 

- William

5 Types Of Everyday Exercise

Getting On The Same Page With Your Healthcare Team

Helping Your Routine Survive The Summer


Advanced Practice
Registered Nurse

"By educating others, I also educate myself" 


Taking Steps To Take Extra Steps

TeamingUp Is A Whole Team Behind You

Angela’s Baked Parmesan Zucchini


Nurse &
TeamingUp Champion

"Every day is an opportunity to begin anew"

- Amy

Fiesta Black Bean Salad

Why Does Your Medication Need To Change?

Start Tracking Your Blood Sugar Today!


Health Educator &
TeamingUp Champion

"You CAN do this! Learn all you can-and take one step at a time" 

- Julie

5 Tips For Better Grocery Choices

Julie’s Turkey Enchiladas

How Loved Ones Can Join your Diabetes Care Team


Retired Certified
Diabetes Educator

"Don't give up! With the right tools, you can do it-one step at a time"

- Trudy

Trudy's Lemon Dream Parfaits

How To Reinvent Nutrition


Healthcare Provider & TeamingUp Champion

"I enjoy educating and empowering people with diabetes and motivating them to take control of their diabetes"

- Lakshmi

Helping Her Patients And Herself

Planning Your Day

Grilled Corn And Mango Salad


TeamingUp Champion

"I want others to remember they only get one life, so they need to do all they can to live life to the fullest"

- Greg