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TeamingUp Coaches are registered nurses who have years of experience helping people living with diabetes. They'll offer you expert insight to help you take on your diabetes.

Manisha P.

As a registered nurse, Manisha has spent most of her career working in hospitals. During that time, she cared for many people living with diabetes. As a TeamingUp Coach, Manisha can now help educate so many more people than she could in a hospital.

Manisha's passion for diabetes education and nutrition comes to life in Ask a TeamingUp Coach where she answers questions about eating well with diabetes. She says this is an incredible opportunity to help people live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

"Teaching has always been one of my favorite parts of nursing, whether working with new nurses or patients."

Wendy C.

Wendy has been a registered nurse for over 10 years, caring for patients of all ages. Throughout her career, she has found herself serving as a voice for people who didn't have one—babies in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) to those living with diabetes.

Wendy is now a TeamingUp Coach and can't believe she didn't become one sooner. She's especially passionate about physical activity, encouraging people living with diabetes to get out and move—and to celebrate the hurdles they've overcome. Check out her answers to fitness FAQs in Ask a TeamingUp Coach.

"I really find joy in educating patients and giving them the support they need to help them manage their condition."

Mallory C.

During her career as a registered nurse, Mallory spent six years in a hospital caring for many patients with diabetes—young, old, those diagnosed years ago, others who just got the news, those whose diabetes was controlled, and those who weren't there yet. In other words, a little bit of everyone living with diabetes.

Diabetes never takes a day off, and so Mallory is always there to help. Today, she's a TeamingUp Coach—and she's passionate about her role. She shares her knowledge by answering questions about diabetes and treatment in Ask a TeamingUp Coach.

"I want people with diabetes to know they are not alone."

Alissa H.

Alissa has been a registered nurse for over 10 years, and has a specialty in caring for mothers with gestational diabetes. But her true professional passion is educating and supporting people living with diabetes.

Alissa made the decision to become a TeamingUp Coach because she wanted to help patients learn about their disease and the different steps they can take to have more control over their lives. To find ways to get the diabetes support you may need, go to Ask a TeamingUp Coach.

"Having a strong understanding of diabetes is the key to truly managing it."


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