Living With Diabetes

News you can use about diabetes

Living with diabetes is about so much more than well, diabetes. It's about the ups, like small daily accomplishments and achieving your goals, and the downs. It can be complicated, but it may help to keep in mind that you can find inspiration, information, and motivation here. In these featured articles, you'll discover ideas to take the pressure off and help you deal with everything from making travel easier to making dining out more enjoyable. Since stress can really take its toll on your blood sugar, you can read how to tackle that, too.

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Managing Diabetes

Think Positive, It Helps
Create a new mindset for living with diabetes.
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The Lowdown On Low Energy
Learn about some of the main reasons you might have low energy.
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Why Blood Sugar Goes Up And Down
Making sense of blood sugar highs and lows.
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10 Good Reasons To See A Diabetes Educator
Get expert help for managing diabetes.


Green Goes With Everything
Ways to enjoy fresh, flavorful leafy greens.
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Skill Drill: Develop A Knack For Snacking
Ideas for making low-calorie, diabetes-friendly snacks.
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Success By The Numbers: Carb Counting
Make guesstimates a thing of the past.
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Fresh And Easy Summer Lunches
Make-ahead lunches bursting with flavor and nutrition.

Keep It Fresh!
Learn what to keep in (or out) of the freezer and refrigerator!
Let's Have A

Delicious and healthy options that everyone can enjoy.
Fabulous Fall Fruit
Add the flavors of fall to your plate.


Cleared For Takeoff: Flying With Diabetes
Tips for traveling when you have diabetes.
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Work It Out: Eating Better At Work
Tips for a diabetes-friendly workspace.
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Mind Over Matter:
Eating Mindfully On Vacation

Learn how to have fun on vacation while still staying on track.
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Sleep On It: Tips For Better Slumber
When counting sheep just isn't what you need.
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Tips For Keeping To A Routine During The Busy Summer

Here are some ideas to help you stay on track during summer.
Healthy Habits On The

Keeping healthy habits while on vacation
Harnessing The Power
Of Routine

Fall is back! And so are your routines.
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Easy Ways To Spend Weekends In The Outdoors
Catherine Price shares some smart and fun
ideas for staying on track.

Emotional Support

Feel Like You're In A Rut? Get Out Of It
A diabetes educator's tips for getting unstuck.
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Feel The Love. How Loved Ones Can Help
5 "Do's" and 5 "Don'ts" for your loved ones.
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We Can't Stress It Enough, Stress Is A Factor
TeamingUp has great ideas for dealing with anxiety.
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Helping Patients And

Learn how Lakshmi, a TeamingUp Champion, helped herself and her patients.
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Where There's A Will,
There's A Way

How to stay strong and build up your willpower.
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