Grocery Shopping

Be a smart shopper at the grocery store

If you aren't prepared, the grocery store can be full of unhealthy temptations. But it only takes a little strategy to come away with healthier choices. Let us help you focus in on what you need, and turn away from what you don’t. While these tips may not apply to all stores, they are something to keep in mind.

Tips at the grocery store

Make a list and stick to it

Before you head to your favorite grocery store, sit down and make your shopping list. That way, you know exactly what you need, and tempting packaging or specials on unhealthy choices won't lure you in.

Make Wednesday your day

Choosing the right day to shop can make a difference. If you have the time, TeamingUp Champions suggest going on a Wednesday morning. It's less crowded, which means you’ll feel more relaxed taking the time to read labels and compare nutritional values. Wednesday is also when many stores mark items down to make room for their end-of-week shipments, so you can save while you're at it.


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